Collection: Barcaldine Dance Classes

Classes delivered weekly in person; RAD Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Flip n Flex and Dance Club (tiny-tot classes), with student teacher Miss Hannah at Barcaldine State School, Dance Hall. 


MONDAY T1 29th Jan to 25th March 



Dance Club Level 1 (2-4 yrs) Miss Hannah


Dance Club Level 2 (5-7 yrs) Miss Hannah


Primary/Pre-Intermediate Flip n Flex (6-9 yrs Petite AcroLink) Miss Hannah


Sub Senior Lyrical (8+ yrs) Miss Hannah


Pre-Intermediate Jazz (7+ yrs IDT) Miss Hannah


Sub Senior Flip n Flex (9-12 yrs Pre-Teen AcroLink) Miss Hannah

NOTE: Dance Club level 1 and level 2 will experience a wide variety of dance styles including; Jazz, Ballet, Creative movement and dance based games. Dance Club level 2 will also work on Petite AcroLink content in their classes. For this reason students enrolled in Dance Club classes will ONLY be able to take part in Dance Club classes. Alternatively students can take part in  all "other" dance classes available for their age. 

Please refer to the 2024 prospectus for all information relating to dance classes. All studio guidelines and expectations will apply to Barcaldine in 2024 (excluding fees, as Barcaldine's fees structure is different to the rest of the studio). 

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