TERM 2 2024 FEES DUE 12th April 2024 (via the Parent Portal).

View the whole studio live timetable on NEW parent portal OR view your personalised timetable via your parent portal login. Click here to find out how to view your personalised timetable. 

To attend Distance Dance classes, students must Zoom their respective teachers Zoom ID.

Please report all student absences via the parent portal prior to classes when possible. Click here to learn how to record an absence. 

NOTE: There have been significant changes made in class groups and overall structure to the school in 2024. All classes allocated to each studio are subject to demand/interest. The changes made to this years schedule reflect the EOI interest received. The timetable is now set, changes will only be made if absolutely necessary. 

TERM 2 2024 FEES DUE 12th April 2024. (WARNING Late Tuition fees will rise by 10% 27th April)

UNIFORM PRE-ORDERS ARE FOR TERM 3 2024 DELIVERY ARE OPEN (the One Stop Shop) CLOSING 22ND APRIL. All uniform pieces are made to order, we do not carry stock or distribute shoes. Lead time is approx 6-8 weeks. All orders will be handed out in classes upon arrival, with Distance Dance students receiving their uniforms via post.