ATTN ALL STUDENTS WHO ARE PERFORMING: Winton, Distance Dance Virtual Showing via Zoom, Cloncurry, Julia Creek, Richmond & Hughenden. (Barcaldine TBC).

We will give me detailed example images of what we would like your childs hair and make-up to look like closer to the time.

Ahead of attending your child’s first dress rehearsal (see dates & times on timetable), you will need to make sure that you have the following: 

Tan tights - Ultra shimmer stirrup tights: Due to quick changes students are not required to wear any other types of tights, they wear the same tights for the entire performance. (Orders through Branches Performing Arts have now closed).


Preferably dancers wear only their tights under their costumes (no underwear).

If you/your child are not comfortable with this we suggest; high cut skin colour under-wear. (make sure underwear can not be seen when wearing costume.) 


- Jazz Shoes = Jazz (tan)

- Tap Shoes = Tap (black)

- Ballet Shoes = Ballet (pink) NO RIBBONS

- Bare feet = Flip n Flex + Contemporary

- Black canvas closed in shoes (from Kmart or big-W) = Hip-hop


(Dance performers need to wear stage make-up under stage lights to enhance their facial expressions and make them visible from a distance)

- Liquid foundation 1 shade darker than skin tone
- Setting powder to match liquid foundation
- Blush
- Neutral eye shadow tones
- Mascara (false eyes lashes are optional)
- Eye liner pencil & liquid
- Brow liner
- Bright Red lipstick (or Lipsense “blue red”)


BPA Make-up (as above)
All over high coverage foundation finished with powder, blush, Neutral tone eye-shadow, false eye lashes, shaded or pencilled eye brows, blue red lips. 


• Water spray bottle

• Brush/comb

• Hair gel

• Hair spray

• Hair ties to match hair colour

• Bobbi-pins to match hair colour

• Bun ring 

Hair style for concert = Straight back High Bun (with hair spray and hair gel)


Cardboard Box/Large Container:

Labelled with child’s name to contain their costumes/belongings side stage.

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