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Richmond (non exam) Primary/Pre-Intermediate/RAD Grade 2 Ballet (T2) 6-10 yrs

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Classes delivered weekly in person. Tuesdays 3:30-4:00.

Please note those wishing to sit their ballet exam must purchase the Grade 2 class bundle which includes all classes required to sit ballet exam:

It is not compulsory to sit the ballet exam. Just this class can be attended, however students who only attend this class will not be permitted to sit their ballet exam as it will not be enough training to prepare. Please feel free to discuss sitting ballet exams with your teacher. 

BALLET is the foundation of all dance styles. Ballet improves technique, posture, flexibility, stamina and discipline. It is the most beautiful of all styles of dance, with slow, controlled and graceful movements being performed.


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    Prompt payment of fees is greatly appreciated. A late fee of 10% will be applied to fees up to 15 days after fees are due (unless prior arrangements have been made). No refunds or credits will be given to classes not attended. If you would like to discontinue any classes, please give notification prior to the beginning of the term.