2023 Prospectus

Thank you for choosing to be a part of the Branches Performing Arts family in 2023. We have been open since 2015 and are now more committed than ever to instilling a love for the performing arts in each student. We strive to provide the best customer service to all of our students and their families. We strive to provide a quality dance education in a positive, nurturing environment.

We want to make the time you spend at the studio as pleasant as possible; therefore, we have policies in place in order to accomplish this. Contained in the following pages are guidelines concerning attire, class placement, behaviour expectations. We have tried to give you as much information as possible so you will know what is required of both you and your student as we begin a new dancing year together. Please feel free to ask us questions if there is something you do not understand. Please do not hesitate to contact the director, Amy Tinning if there is a problem. Nothing can be fixed unless we know there is a problem. You can contact Miss Amy via mobile 0418194863 or via e-mail branches.performingarts@outlook.com.au

Miss Amy & her husband have relocated to Julia Creek, however Branches Performing Arts offers its services in Cloncurry, Julia Creek, Richmond, Hughenden, Winton, Longreach, Barcaldine, Mt Isa & through our online 'Distance Dance' program.

Our 2023 Timetable (currently listed on our website) will outline which teacher will be taking your childs' dance classes. If taking classes via zoom please be sure to zoom the respective teachers meeting ID. 

Some modifications are being made in 2023 to accommodate the growth of Branches Performing Arts dance family, as well as Principal Teacher Amy Tinning's family. Ms Tinning is expecting the arrival of her 3rd child in April 2023. As well as the new addition to Miss Tinning family, we will be welcoming more staff members across both the teaching faculty and admin team. Please keep an eye on our social media and website for incoming updates regarding new staff, classes and other changes in 2023. 

We will continue to run with the support of our Deputy Principal Miss Tammy, who has previously been dancing, performing & teaching throughout the Whitsunday region. Born and raised on a cattle station west of Bowen, Tammy has a genuine passion for teaching rural children. With extensive previous experience in teaching, Tammy is an asset to Branches Performing Arts with her Certificate of Ballet Teaching Studies, along with having completed her CSTD Tap Examinations. She is eager to offer her well rounded skill set to her students, that she has acquired throughout her own dancing journey from leading industry professionals.

Together Amy & Tammy are passionate about catering to a wide range of abilities & ambitions. Please subscribe to our website and follow our social media to stay up to date with important updates.


2023 Term Dates:

Please note you will need to refer to the current timetable listed on our website for dates when classes have been cancelled. 

TERM 1: 23rd January - 31st March

TERM 2: 17th April - 23rd June

TERM 3: 11th July - 15th September

TERM 4: 3rd October - 8th December


Other important dates:

Concert costume pre-order due 11th Aug.

E-Team Comps:

Townsville Dance Comp 31 March - 2 April

Burdekin Junior Eisteddfod May

Future Stars Gold Coast May

Future Stars Yeppoon  May

Mount Isa Eisteddfod  2-4 June

Charters Towers Eisteddfod August

Evolution of Dance Townsville  25th-27th August

Dirty Feet Outback Dance Festival September  8-10th September 


Concert Performance Dates:

Cloncurry 18th Nov

Julia Creek 25th Nov

Richmond start 2nd Dec 

Barcaldine 6th Dec

Winton start 8th Dec



In 2022 we updated our uniform and school colours to Navy Blue/Nude Gold/White. Our NEW uniform pieces are all be made by Brisbane based dance wear supplier, 'Reedle Dance wear' who specialise in making premium quality dance wear and costumes.

All students* are required to wear the correct uniform (previous & new) and shoes to all classes. Please note the change to new uniform will roll out over a 24 month period, with all existing pieces of uniform already owned still being able to be worn until the end of 2023.

How to order:

'Reedle' are the supplier of all uniform pieces, Branches Performing Arts will be the distributer of uniform pieces in 2023.

To order your childs' dance supplies (excluding dace shoes) in 2023 you will be able to do so directly through us by pre-ordering only via our online store.

Pre-loved uniforms can be found and sold via the BPA-BUY-SWAP-SELL group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/217914745781111/?ref=share_group_link 


DANCE SUPPLIES (Tights + Bags)

You can now pre-order all of your dance supplies including; uniforms, tights and dance bags through Branches Performing Arts online shop. Pre-ordering is essential. You can source your childs' dance shoes through a dance shop of your choice,

Second hand dance wear and shoes may also be sourced through:

BPA BUY-SWAP-SELL: Facebook group with pre-loved dance shoes and BPA Uniform Items.


Flip ‘n’ Flex:

- BPA Leotard or BPA crop-top or BPA camisole top, with BPA Bike Shorts or full length leggings

- Tan tights (optional) or bare legs in class

- NO shoes



- BPA Navy Leotard or BPA crop-top or BPA camisole top, with BPA Bike Shorts or full length leggings

- Tan tights (optional) or bare legs in class

- NO shoes



- BPA Navy Leotard or BPA crop-top or BPA camisole top, with BPA Bike Shorts or full length leggings

- Tan tights (optional) or bare legs in class

- Tan Jazz Shoes (Capezio)



- BPA Navy Leotard or BPA crop-top or BPA camisole top, with BPA Bike Shorts or full length leggings

- Tan tights (optional) or bare legs in class

- Black Tap Shoes (Capezio)



- Any BPA uniform pieces. We recommend one of our loose fitting styles of shirts and shorts.

- Tan tights (optional) or bare legs in class

- Black joggers or canvas lace up shoes (from Kmart or Big W)



- BPA Navy leotard

- Pink Tights (not optional)

- Pink split sole canvas or leather ballet shoes (no ribbons)


Gum-nut Baby:

- Tiny-tot Tutu (girls)

- Pink tights (optional)

- Pink split sole canvas or leather ballet shoes (no ribbons)


Boys (all classes):

- BPA Uniform T-shirt

- Navy shorts

- Respective shoes for the style



Group Classes

All fees (online & in person) are calculated individually per student. Class fees are to be paid for at the commencement of the Term. Prices listed do not include GST or 4% transaction fee applied to fees via the online store. 

$12 per (30min) lesson

$15 per (45min) lesson 

$17 per (1 hr) lesson

$20 per casual class

In 2023 we have also introduced a $25 annual registration fee. There is one non-refundable fee per student, per year. Register by 9th January 2023, to avoid late enrolment fees of $50 per student, per year. This fee has been introduced to cover increased running costs associated with admin, insurance and music licence fees.


All classes are taught by student teacher, Hannah Gronold and are therefore offered at a discounted rate of $5 per class (plus $10 admin fee per style, per student, per term). Tuition fees must be finalised prior to the start of term via our website (no cash payments accepted). Tuition fees are non-refundable (unless cancelled by Branches Performing Arts). As Hannah is a student teacher, an adult will also be present at the time of classes. 

Private Coaching/E-Team
Students who wish to compete in the eisteddfod in a solo, duo or group dance will require private coaching. All students who receive private coaching wishing to compete must also take our Body Conditioning classes & be studying ballet. This applies to BPA students & non BPA students. All coaching students (BPA students & non BPA students) will also be required to pay an annual E-Team registration fee of $110. This fee covers the cost of time and resources put into: music selection, costume design, music licensing, travel, I some cases accommodation and coaching at the comp/exam. Price does not include GST.

$70 per hour (solo) or $85 per hour non BPA student

$60 per hour ONLINE $75 per hour non BPA student

$80 per hour (duo) $95 per hour non BPA student

$90 per hour (3+ group) $105 per hour non BPA student

This rate will be charged according to the time and number of people in the private lesson. There has been an increase in private lesson fees in 2023 inline with standard industry rates, based on quality and experience.

To accommodate the growth of the studio and to improve efficiency and ease when signing on for dance in 2023 we have made major changes to the sign on process. Once you have read and agreed to the information and terms and conditions outlined in this package you will need to:

  • Complete the online enrolment form.
  • Register and finalise payment for tuition fees up front via our online store.

You will also be able to pre-order all of the dance supplies (excluding shoes) needed at the time of sign on if you wish.


If you receive an invoice from us or attend any classes with us. 

"Prompt payment of fees is greatly appreciated. A late fee of 10% may be charged to accounts not paid for up to 15 days after fees are due (unless prior arrangements have been made). No refunds or credits will be given to classes not attended. If you would like to discontinue any classes, please give notification prior to the beginning of the term. Once classes have commenced, fees for the total number of classes enrolled are due and payable."

 For your convenience, you can pay your tuition online with a credit card, debit card, or direct debt. Tuition fees are no longer sent out via pay pal to the email, you must finalise tuition fees via our online shop. The information on enrolment form is assumed as being valid for the entire year, unless we are otherwise advised of changes. Payment Terms are clearly stated above & in the enrolment agreement and must be respected. In the case that the payment terms are abused and continually dishonoured students enrolment may be declined in these circumstances.



It is assumed that all students take part in the end of year concert, unless otherwise stated. It is recommended that students who wish to take part in the concert are enrolled for the entire year. Students are allowed to attend classes and not take part in the concert, however the end of year performance is a real highlight and we strongly encourage participation.


Payment of costumes for the concert is an essential part of being involved in the end of year performance. Each costume per style is estimated to cost between $70-$120, with correct stockings, shoes, hair & make-up supplies being required also. Please consider your ability to manage this expense when signing up to Branches Performing Arts.


Extra rehearsals are also part of being involved in the end of year concert. These are charged to term fees in term 4, in accordance to your child’s enrolment. For example, if your child is enrolled in 3 styles of dance, each style is charged at $10 per style = $30 per additional rehearsal. Typically there are 2x stage rehearsals and 2x dress rehearsals in the in the lead up to the concert. More rehearsals may be required at the discretion of the teacher.


The students work very hard each year to present their final show. We ask that parents be as supportive as possible during this process. We try very hard to start rehearsals on time and end on time- we can only do this with your complete cooperation. 


Class Placement

We do our best to place students in the most appropriate class based on age and ability level. Sometimes after beginning class it may be necessary to move a student to a different class to better meet his or her needs. We will discuss the potential move with the parents and try our best to accommodate personal schedules. We want your child to benefit from the dance education you are paying for, therefore we need to make sure they are in a class that allows them to excel.


Class Transfer/Withdraw

If for some reason at any time during the dance season it is necessary for your dancer to be transferred to another class or withdrawn from class, suitable arrangements will be made to transfer classes. In the case of a withdrawal after the term has already commenced, you will be responsible for any and all charges incurred on your account (including costumes & extra rehearsals). All classes cancelled by Branches Performing Arts will be fully refunded/credited.


Class Etiquette

Dance class is like any other structured learning environment. We expect all students to behave with a level of self-control and respect that is appropriate for their age. Students are expected to arrive on time, be properly attired and ready to learn.


Students will be verbally corrected when necessary and will only be asked to leave class if they use vulgar language, refuse to cooperate with the teacher , or become physically or verbally abusive to the teacher or other students. Also, only students enrolled and paying for a class can participate in a class.


Please do not let siblings, friends, etc. go in the dance room unless it is their scheduled class. No one has permission to run the music or assist in a class unless Miss Amy has hired them to do so. Extra people in the dance classroom is distracting and takes class time and teacher attention away from those students who are paying for the class. No electronic devices are allowed in the dance room during class time, with the exception of a recording device to support independent practice.


Studio Rules

Please no food, drink, gum or lollies inside the dance area/studio space. No street shoes are allowed on the dance floors in an effort to keep it clean and safe for our dancers. All dancers regardless of age must wait inside the studio for for collection by their parent or guardian. This policy applies to all dancers. This is for everyone’s safety since the street can become busy during pick-up times.

Before Class

• Arrive 10-15 minutes early, and begin warming up your body as you need.

• Be dressed and ready for class, as per the dress code

• Please do not do your hair during class; have your hair ready before class, and make sure it is well secured.

• Use the bathroom and hydrate yourself before class.

• Remove street shoes before entering the studio space, and do not wear your dance shoes outside.

• Make sure your dance bag and clothing are ready prior to arriving at the studio.


Waiting Area Etiquette

Since we want your time spent at the studio to be as pleasant as possible, we ask that noise be kept to a minimum in the waiting area. Food & Drink may be consumed in the waiting areas, provided that rubbish and scraps are thrown in the bin or taken away from the premises upon leaving. Please also be advised the waiting room is a shared space for all dancers and their parents, so please be respectful of your property and others’. Also be advised that the studio gets very busy during the week. There are many cars entering and leaving the parking area; therefore the foot path and street is not a safe place for children of any age to play. We love our dancers and their families and want to keep everyone safe.


After Class

• Always leave the studio clean and organised, as you found it.

• Always put rubbish and extra equipment (stretch bands, matts etc) where they belong.

• Wait patiently if you need to speak to the teacher after class, call or email asking for a convenient time for them to talk.


Class Observation Policy

We want you to be involved in your child’s dance education as much as possible, and we want you to feel you are getting a good value for your money. In order to accomplish this, we have an open-door policy for all classes. However we discourage disruptions to class, so therefore do not advocate that parents, family and friends attend classes. Children learn best without an audience during classes. 


Sick Or Hurt

• If possible, attend class. Sitting down to observe the class.

• If student is injured, let your teacher know immediately and take advice on what to do or not do

• If you are too sick to attend, please advise the teacher.



• Always thank your teacher after receiving every correction or compliment.

• Always thank your teacher after class.



Please direct all correspondence to Principal Teacher Amy Tinning.

We are easily contactable via our Facebook/Instagram pages, phone & email. M: 0418194863

E: branches.performingarts@outlook.com.au