Student Teacher

Student Teacher

Hannah Gronold

    • Award winning soloist with Branches Performing Arts E-Team
    • Grade 5 Royal Academy of Dance
    • Branches Performing Arts Advance Training Program student

To say Hannah loves dance is an understatement, as her world revolves around it. She loves connecting with the music and using dance to tell a story and move her audience.

Hannah undertook dance classes at every opportunity, starting with Miss Sally when she was 18 months old.  She danced for 3 years with Barcy Edge 2013-2015. Then when dance classes were no longer offered in Barcaldine (where she calls home), she threw herself into gymnastics until her mum stumbled across an Instagram post by Branches Performing Arts in 2020 advertising a digital dance challenge during COVID.  Branches Performing Arts then offered dance lessons via Zoom enabling Hannah to continue her dance training in her dad’s shed and fulfill her dream competing a range of dance styles both locally and away.  She has just celebrated being with Branches for 2 years and has new friends, skills, strength and awards under her belt.

‘I’ve gone from pirouetting the wrong way to being able to do a triple pirouette thanks to Miss Amy and Miss Tammy’. Hannah is naturally a leader among her peers and shows a lot of patience, understanding and potential as a dance teacher. She is eager to share her knowledge with young likeminded dance students from Barcaldine. 

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