All class venues are listed on the timetable. We will also place this info on the parent noticboard for your convenience.

JULIA CREEK 44 Burke Street, BPA Studio
RICHMOND Goldring St, Richmond Shire Council Hall
BARCALDINE Dance Hall @ Barcaldine State School
CLONCURRY Uhr Street, Anglican Church Hall (04/02) CSC Community precinct 18th Feb, 4th + 18th March


Miss Tammy ZOOM ID: 338 095 6886

Miss Amy ZOOM ID: 274 272 3955

Miss Gabi ZOOM ID: 329 973 0700

Miss Bel (BodyLab) ZOOM ID: 463 945 7339

Miss Jacqui (NIPA) ZOOM ID: 475 921 9348

Miss Louise ZOOM ID: 230 217 2753



All classes will be delivered via Zoom to you from your chosen location (hired studio or home space). Please ensure that you have a clear safe space to dance, free of hazards, distractions and obstacles. If participating in the family lounge room we would appreciate if siblings and extended friends and family aren't present in order to reduce distractions.

Each lesson a role will be marked and only those who have finalised their registration paperwork and fees will have access to the online training.


1. Register via our online registration form on our website.
2. Finalise fees, uniform, shoes and dance supplies (if needed) via our online shop. Enrolments are finalised once payment is made.

3. Download Zoom & log on for classes 5-10 min prior to the start of class.

NOTE: Please Zoom the respective teacher for each class as listed on the timetable.

DISTANCE DANCE class times are all listed on the timetable listed on our website


While we appreciate that this may be an entirely new program for some of you, we kindly ask that you take some time to familiarise yourselves with the program before classes commence. To allow the classes to run smoothly we ask that you please read through the following Zoom guidelines:

• Our teachers would prefer if all students could add their name in Zoom to enable them to put names to faces more easily. You can do this once you have entered the Zoom session.

• If possible, we would like for the camera to be set up so that students are viewed from side on when completing barre work and from the front for centre work.

• While classes are running in Zoom we would appreciate if you could please use gallery view, so that you can see the teacher and participants.

• We kindly ask that you mute the microphone during all classes unless you are asking a question.

• Please make sure to log on a few minutes prior to the class start time so that you are prepared for the commencement of the class.

• If you have the Zoom application, please make sure that it is updated to the latest version.

• If for any reason your Zoom account removes you from a class, please make sure to shut Zoom and turn your device off and on again before trying to re-enter the session.

For more information on how to use gallery view in Zoom or other FAQs about the program, please visit their website at the link: us/articles/360000005883-Displaying-participants-in-Gallery-View

Tips: We usually find Zoom to be most effective when the laptop or steaming device is connected to your TV. This can be easily done in most cases via a HDMI cord.

Here's how to connect your laptop to your TV: v=s532CgZNrMg

This is not essential however we find this enhances the experience as it increases the size of the view and improves the volume for dancers learning via zoom.

We hope that for those who are new to Distance Dance classes this information will allow your children to settle into to the program with ease.

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