Term 4 Prep

Ahead of Term 4 please ensure you have:

1. Made payment for term 4 fees via the 'One Stop Shop' by 2nd Oct.

2. Pre-ordered the correct tights for your Childs concert performance: ALL students require Ultra Shimmery Stirrup Tights. (NO Ballet tights required).

3. Pre-order hair-kit (that matches your Childs hair) if you do not already own the required hair equipment. 

Please also note that attending classes and ALL rehearsals as much as possible must be a priority in order for your child to feel/be prepared for their upcoming end of year performances. If your child feels as though they are behind or you would like to arrange extra support for them, please arrange with your Childs teacher to have a private lesson to get them up to speed. 

Download timetable here.

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