TERM 1 TUITION FEES OPEN NOW (Due 20th Jan) payable via the 'One Stop Shop' 
CLASSES RESUME 23rd Jan 2023 download timetable



All dancers who wish to enrol as a student of Branches Performing Arts must complete the following before attending classes (including private coaching students):

1. Complete the 2023 Registration form (only required once at the start of the year). Due by 9th Jan 2023. Late enrolments available. 

2. Make payment for tuition fees via the One Stop Shop for term 1 by 20th January 2023. NOTE: Term 1 tuition fees have now opened. To find your childs classes in our 'One Stop Shop' please click on 'One Stop Shop', click on your childs studio location (scroll to the bottom of the page). Add all of your childs' desired classes to your cart and checkout to finalise payment and therefore enrolment.

Need help working out what age group your child is classified as?

Gumnut Baby (2-5 yrs)
Pre-primary (5-6 yrs)
Primary (6-8 yrs)
Pre-Intermediate (8-10 yrs)
Intermediate (11-14 yrs)
Senior (15 + yrs)

Due to the nature of our school operating across multiple locations and platforms all with a variety of needs, our age groups do vary between locations based on each studios needs, this is reflected on the timetable. When you submit the registration form please simply select the age group within which your child falls based on their age as at 1st January 2023. Students do not move age groups throughout the year after they have their birthday. Moving classes and levels is at the discretion of your childs teacher.

Need help working out what classes to select on the 'One Stop Shop'?

Be sure to select your childs respective studio.

Identify what class/classes your child would like to take part in on the timetable and search for the class in the search bar on the home page of our website.

Please also feel free to contact us via e-mail or Branches Performing Arts Facebook or Instagram page. Please direct all dance related communication to these chanels only (please do not message Amy or Tammy personally).


Uniform pre-order for Term 2 arrival, DUE 30th Jan 2023. All students require the BPA Uniform pieces. You will need to source dance shoes from a dance shop or supplier of your choice. Please refer to the Prospectus for information regarding uniform requirements for each class.

All uniforms pre-ordered last year by 10th Dec, have arrived and will be distributed during classes and via post in the coming weeks.

As we approach the start of the year we wish to share a number of updates and reminders:

HUGHENDEN: Due to low numbers at this stage we will no longer be able to offer in person classes once a fortnight, however we could definitely facilitate dance classes via our Distance Dance Zoom program. These classes could also be complimented with occasional in person visits to one of our locations in Richmond or Julia Creek or possibly with us travelling to Hughenden on occasions. However we understand if this isn’t something you would be interested in. We also acknowledge that many of you have also ordered new uniforms for 2023 + paid registration fees, if the Zoom option isn’t something you are interested in please let me know and I will arrange a refund for registration fees and uniforms ordered. Simply respond to this email requesting a refund for registration fees & uniforms (if ordered). Alternatively we are also happy to keep Hughenden Dance classes on hold, with the hopes that there might be more interested by the time term 1 starts. Your help promoting the classes may potentially be helpful as I know social media can make it a bit difficult to reach the Hughenden audience at times. We don’t want to terminate classes, if there are enough people still interested.

ALPHA based Distance Dancers: We wish to advise that those who took classes last year in the community space co-ordinated by Vicki, will now need to be taken from home.

ARAMAC based Distance Dancers: We look forward to welcoming Distance Dance students from Aramaic this year who will be co-ordinating a local community space for local students to come together to take classes. We urge all Aramaic based dancers to connect to a arrange collaborative class room.

WINTON based Distance Dancers: Classes in 2023 will continue as per 2022. Please be sure to register your child in the correct class based on their age. Many of the Gumnut Babies who are 6 are ready to move up into the Jazz or Ballet classes available also on Wednesday afternoon.

NEW age groups for ALL studios: Please note we have introduced new age groupings for all locations (including Distance Dance). This will see many Gumnut Babies who are 6 yrs moving up into Pre-Primary & Primary classes and many Primary students who are 8 yrs moving up into the Pre-intermediate age group.

TUITION FEES: You will note our tuition fees have increased in 2023. All fees (online & in person) are calculated individually per student. Class fees are to be paid for at the commencement of the Term. Prices listed do not include GST (GST is applied at checkout). We have also decided to waive the 4% transaction fee in Term 1 as a gesture of good-will as we transition to our new pricing schedule.

$12 per (30min) lesson

$15 per (45min) lesson 

$17 per (1 hr) lesson

$20 per casual class

In 2023 we have also introduced a $25 annual registration fee. There is one non-refundable fee per student, per year. Register by 9th January 2023, to avoid late enrolment fees of $50 per student, per year. This fee has been introduced to cover increased running costs associated with admin, insurance and music licence fees.

BARCALDINE STUDIO FEES: All classes are taught by student teacher, Hannah Gronold and are therefore offered at a discounted rate of $5 per class (plus $10 admin fee per style, per student, per term). Tuition fees must be finalised prior to the start of term via our website (no cash payments accepted). Tuition fees are non-refundable (unless cancelled by Branches Performing Arts). As Hannah is a student teacher, an adult will also be present at the time of classes. 

E-TEAM/BALLET EXAM STUDENTS/ALL WHO RECEIVE PRIVATE COACHING: If your child intends to compete, complete a ballet exam or receive private coaching from any of our teachers you MUST purchase the annual E-Team registration ($110) at the end of the registration form or via our website. Your child will not be scheduled for private lessons until this annual fee is finalised. You must also finalise payment for each private lesson prior to attending (we will no longer be scheduling private lesson times until the lesson is paid for). Thank-you to all who have pre-registered for our E-Team during the registration process. We have noticed a few new families have registered for the E-Team also. To clarify your childs involvement we will be sending out confirmation e-mails in the coming days regarding your childs involvement in the BPA E-Team. The annual fee of $110 is a registration fee only (not tuition fees). This fee covers the cost of time and resources put into: music selection, costume design, music licensing, travel, accommodation and coaching at the comp/exam.

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