RAD BALLET EXAMS 2023 (Attire)

All ballet exam candidates must organise to purchase the following prior to upcoming ballet exams (end July/start Aug date TBC).

Grade 1 (Pink)
Grade 2 (Lavender)
Grade 3 (Cornflower)
Grade 5 (Dusk)
Intermediate Foundation (Black)

Exam belt (to match leotard):
Grade 1 (Pink)
Grade 2 (Lavender)
Grade 3 (Cornflower) 
Grade 5 (Dusty Pink)
Intermediate Foundation (Black)

NOTE: Check in the BPA E-Team chat to see if anyone from previous years has a belt in the colour your child needs, they may be interested in selling on. 

Ballet shoes Capezio Hanami Light pink canvas (G1, G2, G3, G5 NO RIBBONS/INT FOUND RIBBONS)
Character shoes Bloch Accent black canvas

Theatrical Pink

Character Skirt (Also available in adults sizes. Must be these colour ribbons)

Other: Miss Amy will pre-order hairpieces according to exam colours. You will receive an invoice for exam entry fees, travel fee, tuition fee for the day before the exam in Townsville and hair piece. When we confirm the date of the exam, please arrange to arrive in Townsville the day before the exam date as all students will rehearse together in the space. 

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