2022 Concert Information

2022 Concert Information

We are excited to announce the theme of the 2022 end of year production. This year all of our studios will independently perform, "12 Days of Christmas".

Concert choreography will commence during your childs' classes in the next week or so. As always it is very important to attend as many classes as possible particularly to avoid falling behind in learning the choreography. 

Many of the final details of times and exact dates for the end of year concerts are currently TBC as we work with each community and their local Council's to finalise performance dates. As we do understand many parents are eager to confirm the concert performance dates we are working as quickly as possible to finalise the rehearsal and performance dates for you all. 

As stated in our Prospectus we assumed that all students take part in the end of year concert, unless otherwise stated. Please be sure that you have perused the 2022 Prospectus for information regarding *Concert/Costume/Payments and advise as soon as possible if your child will NOT be taking part in the performance. 


It is assumed that all students take part in the end of year concert, unless otherwise stated. It is recommended that students who wish to take part in the concert are enrolled for the entire year. Students are allowed to attend classes and not take part in the concert, however the end of year performance is a real highlight and we strongly encourage participation.

 Payment of costumes for the concert is an essential part of being involved in the end of year performance. Each costume per style is estimated to cost between $100-$150, with correct stockings, shoes, hair & make-up supplies being required also. Please consider your ability to manage this expense when signing up to Branches Performing Arts.

Extra rehearsals are also part of being involved in the end of year concert. These are charged to term fees in term 4, in accordance to your child’s enrolment. For example, if your child is enrolled in 3 styles of dance, each style is charged at $10 per style = $30 per additional rehearsal. Typically there are 2x stage rehearsals and 2x dress rehearsals in the in the lead up to the concert. More rehearsals may be required at the discretion of the teacher.

The students work very hard each year to present their final show. We ask that parents be as supportive as possible during this process. We try very hard to start rehearsals on time and end on time- we can only do this with your complete cooperation."

This year students will have a number of options to perform in the end of year performance. Our main studio base is located in Julia Creek with the largest variety of classes offered through this location, which means that Julia Creek will be host to the largest and most major show (with the most amount of acts). Each location/studio; Hughenden, Richmond, Julia Creek, Cloncurry, Winton, Longreach and Distance Dance will also be hosting their own independent performances, however all students from these locations/studios are invited to also attend and perform in the major production held in Julia Creek. Concert performance options for each location/studio are as follows:

Hughenden, Richmond, Cloncurry, Winton, Longreach: 
A. Local performance only 
B. Local performance + Julia Creek 

Distance Dance: 
A. Virtual performance only
B Virtual performance + Julia Creek 

Julia Creek:
A. Local performance only 

All students who wish to perform in the Julia Creek concert will be required to attend stage and dress rehearsals the day prior to the performance, as well as the day of the show. Involvement in the Julia Creek performance is encouraged for all students who are seeking further performance opportunities, however we are compassionate that the travel involved may not be possible. We do not assume that all of our students will also perform in Julia Creek. Please advise by the start of term 3 if your child is considering to perform in the Julia Creek performance in addition to their local or virtual performances. 

Lastly we do understand that there will be many questions regarding the concert, dates and costuming, however sincerely ask that you please read each piece of information carefully as it comes to hand. We will provide all required information as soon as it is confirmed. 

Concert time is a very exciting time for the students and we can not wait to begin the preparations with them all very soon. 

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